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Dungeon Scrawl

A simple and effective grid-based mapping tool to help you set the scene for any battle. · By ProbableTrain

iPad Version?

A topic by thomanthony created Jul 02, 2020 Views: 1,170 Replies: 3
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First off, this is fantastic. And I love that you’re working on a Mac version! If it’s not too much to request, an iPad version would be wonderful. I do almost all my session planning on iPad and this would round out my toolkit.  It could be incredibly fluid with Pencil support.


Thanks! I'm slowly trying to make the website more touchscreen-friendly, right now it definitely requires at least a keyboard. I doubt I'll ever make a native ios app, but hopefully in future it'll be pretty useable with a stylus and no keyboard


I’ll keep my fingers crossed that as things like Catalyst, SwiftUI, and the new Mac Apple Silicon move further along, your work on a macOS version will mean that an iPadOS app does end up on your to-do list. In the meantime, thanks for your hard work!

(Not a developer, so forgive me if that sounds ignorant as hell!)

Hi ProbableTrain,

I totally second the iPad version. I've played around with the tool on my iPad, and I have noticed that you do have to tap the different tools repeatedly to ensure that you toggle between them successfully. I can keep checking out how the features work on iPad as well.

Do you know if the tool would work with an iPad that has a bluetooth mouse connected? A recent-ish iOS update added mouse and trackpad support, though I do not currently have a mouse compatible with my device.