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Ganbare! Super Strikers

Turn Based Tactical RPG Soccer Game. · By rese

Bundle Impressions

A topic by Toma created Jun 30, 2020 Views: 498
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Turnbased Tactical Soccer game (Basicailly Blitzball if you played Final Fantasy X). I have a huge fondness for this type of game, as I love that these are games where the tactical RPG formula of positioning, levelling up and special moves offer a non combat themed way to engage with it tactical ideas. I enjoy this a lot, but it definitely could use more polishing, better music, sound and visual design and I get the impression that the more free flowing encounters of Inazuma Eleven are just better suited to this particular subgenre as turn based slows down the game quiet a bit.  Still, very enjoyable tactical shenanigans that I would love to see expanded as a full RPG story/world where you recruit soccer players. 3,5/5

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