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Sixteen stories of science fabulism, body horror, and blue-collar queer resistance. · By Julian K. Jarboe

Amazing read, recommend!

A topic by Poesvliegtuig created Jun 25, 2020 Views: 58
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I'm not so good with writing reviews and I rarely do it, but when I come across a little-known gem, I try to do it anyway.

This book has a bunch of short stories. Usually, with short stories, I like them for what they are, small, contained little universes of their own. And while that's the case for this book too, there were so many stories where I wished there was more of the universes to be explored and consumed, even when those universes weren't exactly all sunshine and roses. I guess I'm trying to say the stories were so good, I wished they didn't have to end, even though I know they ended when they should.

I've never seen certain human experiences explained in such raw but simultaneously delicate metaphors before. I've rarely seen certain parts of me reflected in literature the way I did in these stories. 

There's a few typos/editing overlooks, such as 'deserts' being used where it should be 'desserts' twice, but I can easily overlook those, and I don't think any of it detracts from the clear talent on display here.

Thank you for the wonderful journeys.