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File repl.rb in wrong directory for Intermediate Ruby Primer sample (Windows)

A topic by jhanson9012 created 21 days ago Views: 48 Replies: 1
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Hello. I found a problem with the Intermediate Ruby Primer tutorial. When I run 'run.bat' in the directory /sample/00_intermediate_ruby_primer, I get the message "Open repl.rb in the text editor of your choice and follow the document", which I expected, but there is no file named 'repl.rb' in that directory, or in /sample/00_intermediate_ruby_primer/app. I navigated to the /mygame/app directory and there was the 'repl.rb' file which walked through several Ruby concepts. I followed the instructions, but nothing happened. I then copied that 'repl.rb' file to /sample/00_intermediate_ruby_primer/app and was then able to successfully follow along. This leads me to believe that /mygame/app is the wrong destination for that file, and instead it should be located at /samples/00_intermediate_ruby_primer/app

If I'm incorrect and I just misread some directions, then this can be disregarded. I'm on Windows and using the latest version of DragonRuby.

But also just to note, this is an incredible tool! Thank you

The same issue appears on Mac.
I'm new to ruby and DragonRuby, but to me, it looked as if the repl.rb was an old "thing" and that you no longer have to work on repl.rb but can directly work in main.rb.