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A Duet of Steel

A tabletop roleplaying game of long term rivalries for two players. · By Adrian Thoen

Winning A Duel

A topic by centaurpede created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 185 Replies: 2
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Looking forward to trying this out but am unsure how a duel is won or finished. Can anyone see something I'm missing?


Great question!

You don't so much as "win" a duel, as the Defending player Concedes the Duel, & tries for a Reprisal.

 If the cost of the reprisal is too high, the Victor's victory may be a Pyrrhic one especially if the Spoils aren't what they hoped for. The tension in the game is how long do you hold out for victory in a Duel, how many cards do you hold on to vying for a Reprisal, or do you try to push the other Player to fold before you?

Thanks for your help! Sounds like a really interesting concept.