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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

7 feathers to climb the mountain eh? I'll see about that!

A topic by FEZfan created Jun 14, 2020 Views: 847 Replies: 5
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Managed to climb the entire mountain with 5 feathers. 4 might be possible but I'm not sure.

great game btw

I reckon out of all the tricky spots in the 5 feather run, only one of them would be any more problematic with only 4; that being the first high wall (where the guy sells feathers, also the first spot where it tells you 7 feathers are required). My current strat is jumping around to the left to the bank above the start of the stream, and gliding down to the wall. That gives you just enough stamina to get up the wall with 5.


also if anyone wants i'll record a 5 feather run and upload it to youtube

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Can be completed with just 1 feather and under 2 and a half minutes, FYI. ;-)

(Edit) Also with no feather in less than 3 minutes, by exploiting a saving bug.

oh lol, I did try and find a run with less than 7 but couldn't find any, guess i didn't look hard enough.

I got it in 0 feathers without any save exploits! Granted, it wasn't fast, but it was also my first real minimum feather attempt.