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Donsol is a solitary card game in which you must go through the deck in sequences of 4 cards. · By Rek & Devine

Downloads for Linux, Mac and Windows?

A topic by debajit created May 23, 2020 Views: 606 Replies: 6
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I purchased Donsol, but I only got the .nes file, which I'm not able to open (with the NES emulators I've tried).

You mentioned there being builds for Mac, Windows and Linux, but I cannot find them on the download page or the site. Can you let me know where I can find builds for Linux, Mac or Windows?

We do not distribute the big electron clients anymore, which emulator are you using? We have only tested it on the major emulators(Fceux, nestopia, etc.), and some more obscure ones on the Macintosh. Let us know :)

Thanks, I was able to play it with fceux (on Manjaro Linux). 

Is there any chance you can make the high-res desktop version of Donsol available in the future? I'm referring to the version on your YouTube video (linked below). It looks really impressive and  well designed :)


It's possible to build the old version

Thanks! I was able to build the electron package for Linux, and play the game :) (had to look at the scripts in package.json). 

Can I send out a pull request to update the Readme file with build instructions (since it may not be very obvious to someone not familiar with Node)?


Sure! Go ahead :) We'll merge it.

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To compile donsol-js as an Electron app (in Windows):

1) Download and extract this ZIP:
2) Install Node.js:
3) Open Command Prompt, and navigate into the "donsol-js-master" folder you extracted.
4) Type in: npm run build_win
5) Hit the enter key to run the script.
6) In the donsol-js-master folder, there will be a new folder named "~". Click through all the sub-directories, and eventually you'll find the executable "Donsol.exe", which will run the game.

(npm run build_osx and npm run build_linux are the scripts for macOS and Linux)