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Great! But I think I found a bug

A topic by humulos created May 15, 2017 Views: 540
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Just for fun, I want to speedrun this game, since it's so minute to begin with. I started trying to determine the stats of enemies, weapons and level ups, but I found a lot of inconsistencies. The easiest one to reproduce is to acquire the crap sword and shield and then go find a Frigg. The Frigg won't do any damage to you at level 2, leading me to believe the shield should have a defense stat of 4, and therefore when you level up to level 3 your total defense should be 5, since you get +1 for reaching level 3. However, instead of your defense stat hitting 5, it's reduced to 0, meaning each Frigg deals a full 4 damage (or 1 heart). Oddly bats also gain 1st strike, meaning they also deal a full heart of damage even though you instantly kill them. There's other oddities when it comes to shields, but I won't get too into that.

Either way, the game is a fun little diversion, and I really enjoy the mechanics behind it! I'd love to pay for a more fleshed out version some day.