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How to run in Linux?

A topic by Phantom Limbs created 21 days ago Views: 164 Replies: 8
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I'm relatively new to Linux, but I cannot seem to find a way to run Left in Linux using the provided download.  There doesn't seem to be any kind of obvious binary associated with the files provided, and building and installing from source *seemed* to work, but gave no indication of where it installed to or how to execute it.  Not being well-versed in terminal usage renders how to simply run Left a tad mystifying.  I'd be grateful if anybody would be s kind as to show me.  I'm running Pop!_OS 20.04 if that is any help.


I just find about this program and your question!

This program doesn’t have a launcher, you have to launch it from your terminal. I’m using Lubuntu, and never used Pop!_OS, but it should work the same…

Open your terminal, usually Ctrl+Alt+T, then enter the folder where you extracted left, for example:

cd ~/Downloads/left-linux-64

Then launch the app using ./ before the name of the file, in this case:


Left should open.

Most programs will run using this prefix ./

I think the programmers should incorporate the launcher, to let it more easy for the new users.

Thank you!  I did muddle through a bit and managed to get it working via the terminal, but this is a much more sensible way than what I was doing.  Once I have got shell scripts figured out I'm sure I'll have a handle on it from there ;)  Cheers!

Thanks for this post, it also helped me with launching the app (Still learning linux--I'm on Elementary). Not to take over the thread, but is there a way to create an alias to launch this?

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!!! EDIT:

I did some research and find it:

How to install software applications on Linux, here follow the steps in the Application directory item, near the end of the article, worked for me :)

Don’t forget about the icon! For example:


I’m not that experienced with alias and CLI, sorry…

I think the best thing to do is to manually install the app, so you can access it from the start/application menu, but I never did (right) so I can’t point you what to do :(

Try the ArchLinux Wiki for info ;)


Yay! It works. Thank you.

Just a note for anyone else new to linux, be sure to add an ".sh" extension onto the "Left" file. Then just follow the guide in the link posted by jtimon, under the section for "Application directory".

Hi, Im also running elementory. I tried the steps provided and added the .sh extension to the file but it doesn't show up in the applications directory. I placed the .desktop file in the suggested location. Here is the content of my .desktop file

[Desktop Entry]
Categories=Office;IDE; Any help you could provide would be great.

Try putting the .desktop file under Home  / .local / share / applications

The ".local" is a hidden file in your home directory, so press control + H

My .desktop looks like this ( I have saved the Left Application files into my Downloads Folder):

[Desktop Entry]

You’re welcome I’m glad I helped :)