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Failed to download butler

A topic by danabr75 created 23 days ago Views: 100
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Ran into issues trying to run dragonruby-publish to publish  one of the sample dragonruby apps as a test. Any help would be appreciated. I can launch the sample app with dragonruby just fine.
$ ./dragonruby-publish mygame
Starting publish for game in directory 'mygame'
Developer ID: myname
Developer Title: My Name
Game ID: mygame
Game Title: My Game
Game Version: 0.1
Game Icon: metadata/icon.png
All platform builds are complete!
Downloading butler...
Download of '' failed
Failed to download butler
System Info:
OS X 10.14.6
Ruby 2.7 (RVM)
I've installed butler via the Itch app (, and also dragonruby, but using the downloaded binary to try to publish.
$ butler -V
v15.17.3, built on Dec 13 2019 @ 08:55:52, ref 94c194ef1888b0363e399983355bf981dee38ff8
$ butler login
Your local credentials are valid!