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Halcyon Night

Repairing a museum through portals to the past · By Grant Doney

Bug Megathread Sticky

A topic by Grant Doney created May 04, 2020 Views: 69
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Developer (1 edit)

Please report any bugs, issues, or weird moments you encounter while playing Halcyon Night here. Current know issues for v1.0 include:

  • Low frame rate in the second level (Great Hall)
  • Missing textures on dice objects
  • Placeholder assets for structural puzzles in Great Hall
  • Transition doesn't work in Great Hall
  • Some UI elements remain longer than intended
  • Quick switching time periods can break the time period UI text
  • Character textures are missing
  • Pause menu isn't working
  • There is no options menu
  • There is no sound
  • There is no exit button

I will attempt to fix and update these and any other issues which crop up! I will post a new build when a meaningful number of issues are fixed. Thank you for your patience and support!