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Development Update Notes - Build v0.12157 Sticky

A topic by jeffhattem created May 05, 2017 Views: 141
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HELLO EVERYONE, please see below for some of the client's latest changes!

Happy Trials !


Horse Tranquilizer Pill jump height reduction has been changed from 100% to 25%.

IED bounciness and throw force have been slightly tweaked.

Jockey's Charge ability collision area has been reduced to better match its visual representation.

Numerous item pools for rooms and props have received a balance pass as well as latest item additions.

Golem now inflicts True damage instead of Grey damage.

Default Shooter now tracks the Player's location during Bone Sputter just like the Elite version.

Vector no longer gains attack bonus on Enrage.

Player is now invulnerable for 1 sec after taking damage from any source.

Player inaction time following run exit has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.25 second.

Player height reduction from crouching increased.

Player max acceleration has been slightly reduced.


Several weapons and explosions have received updated particles effects.

Challenge room art has been updated.

Several new Strain icons have been added.

The large icon for the selected item in the Archive menu has been removed.



Fixed an issue where the Massager Consumable had the wrong mesh.

Fixed some collision issues in the Treasure room.

Fixed a bug that would wrongfully display the locked icon on the Treasure room's door.

Fixed a bug that would cause Falling Walls to push pickups outside of the playspace.

Fixed a visual bug on the Load Seed button in the Main Menu.