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A topic by Gaga46 created May 05, 2017 Views: 623 Replies: 5
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How to find the secret and how to open the game in full screen? (because it's in a 1cm by 1cm...)


I feel your frustration.

I made the game and still I struggle to see the secret.

Especially considering I've limited the resolution to something ridiculously small.

It is there.

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ah ah, ok

i will search it more then...

and aslo, i love your game Hungover, nice gamedeseign!

édit: is it on the top of the roof? (because i can"t jump on it ^^) also, why the sky is green lol?


I apologize for my vagueness but no one has found the secret yet so I can't spoil it.

yep secret is secret ;p

Ok so basically this is an old topic, but i have still revealed the secrets of the game. Check out newer topics.