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Development Update Notes - Build v0.12103 Sticky

A topic by jeffhattem created May 02, 2017 Views: 126
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Developer (1 edit)

HELLO EVERYONE, please see below for some of this week's client update changes!

Happy Trials !


Ghost Round strain has been removed temporarily due to a known bug.

Blood room now has breakable walls.


Removed shadows cast by the player character mesh.

Harold textures and material have been updated.

Falling Wall visual and animation has been updated.

HUD currency counter font has been updated to improve readability.

HUD itemcard has been updated to improve readability.

Empty and Fire Canisters have been visually updated.

Golem animations have been updated.

Vector's climb animation has been updated.

Several Canister effect particles have been updated.

The double monster room has received a slight light pass.



Several pick-ups were missing a world mesh or had the incorrect one.

Fixed an issue where soft Crates wouldn't be destroyed by Explosive canisters.

Fixed an issue where the Jockey would not cast Charge.

Fixed some navigation issues in the Bio-bank room.

Fixed an issue that would let IEDs go through double-sided windows from one side.

Fixed an issue that would make it possible to throw IEDs through walls.

Fixed a bug that would make hard Chests to spawn nothing.

Fixed a bug that would make a stack of Canisters have proper physics when destroyed.

Fixed an issue where the Blood room had an incorrect map icon when discovered.

Fixed a bug that would allow the Overgrowth strain to be collected multiple times.

Fixed an issue where loading screens appeared cropped.

Fixed a bug where Raijin the Hamster did not have the correct icon.

Fixed a bug where the Jockey chairback armored points were not working as intended.

Fixed an issue that would reset player health upon entering a new Floor.



A feedback button has been added to the main menu.