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[Dev Blog] Version History and Design Journal Sticky

A topic by Timothi Ellim created May 01, 2017 Views: 180
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[Latest] Version 1.02 - It's time for more sounds and more stuff! / We reached 300 downloads

Released 12th May 2017

What is in this?

- Added UI sounds that randomize on click in menu

- Added some chimes for audio feedback on ability recharged and use + when you fall and it reloads

- Added another wave of 4 objects that fall from the sky - Beach theme; there's a boat, a coconut tree, beach ball, and Minivan

Just finished my exams at uni! Thank you all for being so patient for this update. I've combined both the 200 & 300 download stretch goals and I am so happy we've reached this many. Now that I'm out of school and have more time in the summer, I am looking forward to deliver more content and more games to you via!

Please do tell me what you think of the UI sounds and the chimes, and the new wave of objects (:

Version 1.01 - The First Update / We reached 100 downloads!

Released 1st May 2017

What's in this?

- Added two more songs during the gameplay mode (they will randomize and play when you click start)

- Added three more gradient backings to the game to add more visual colors! (The colors cycle every time you fall off the platform and respawn)

Thank you all so much for the outstanding response! As promised, 100 downloads unlocks the first update for phase one. Super excited to update the game and get it online to all of you. I realize that some may like to play their own music, so I'll be implementing the audio controller soon. Ran into some trouble implementing the extra audio in Unity because I forgot to capitalize a letter in a string and took 30mins longer to finish it than was necessary!

If any of you would like to make games too, I would suggest getting started by downloading the Unity Game Engine and completing the Rollerball tutorial (links below).

Want to make games too? - Download the Engine - Learn the basics with the Roll-A-Ball Tutorial, anyone can try it! - Official Learn Unity Playlist to improve your skills

Looking forward to seeing what games you make and to seeing what you like about mine (:

Version 1.00 - The Original Vanilla

Released 20th April 2017

What's in this?

- The game in all its original glory

The launch of TILTOFF on ITCH.IO. TILTOFF was a game that I designed and created during a stressful week at uni and took another week to polish it up for play. After two weeks, the game was ready to be let loose into the world. Was recommended by a friend and leaped at the chance. Heard the community was awesome and it really is! Looking forward to talking with you all more (:

TILTOFF is all about balance, not just in a virtual game world, but in your real world as well. During a hectic university week, I realized a few areas of my life were out of balance - not getting enough exercise, not eating fruits, drinking too much, and in general, it all made my frame of mind out of sync because I was not FOCUSED. So TILTOFF helps me regain balance by making me focus on achieving balance and through the experience of playing the game, I internalize the focus for balance and am able to achieve it in real life as well. I hope you will be able to experience this too!

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