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Can't launch on Win10

A topic by Zobean created 37 days ago Views: 106 Replies: 1
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I've just installed on a relatively new (only a few months old) windows 10 system, and I found that I can't launch the game, either from the itch UI or directly using the executable. I'm not getting any error logs, and the process is only appearing in Task Manager for a second or so.

Hey, I dunno if you managed to run the game since then. Since I love this game I’d like you to be able to ^^

So, I’d suggest you make sure your system is entirely up to date, that is Windows itself and the driver of your video card. Look up the latest driver for your video card on the internet. You may have two video chips in your computer, one of them being probably an Intel integrated graphics, the other one being either an Nvidia Geforce or an AMD Radeon. It should be fairly easy to install the drivers once you download them.

Also download the latest version of the .NET framework and of DirectX. I believe both of them are used by the game. Alternatively, the game comes on Itch in two versions playable on Windows. The second one is the OpenGL version, you really should try that one. It is using an alternative technology for display, so if your computer has any problem whatsoever with Direct3d, launching the OpenGL version of the game could really be the solution to play.

Hope you can enjoy this game. Bye