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Level 19 on iOS

A topic by torakaru created Apr 19, 2020 Views: 355 Replies: 1
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How deep is the planet? I went beyond 3000m and didn’t reach it. It is very difficult and frustrating playing without a target :-(

Can you provide some support please?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Could be possible to add the possibility to buy extra lives (continue) with Gold, or with an add like in Android version, please? Why iOS players cannot have that option?

Developer (1 edit)

Hi Torakaru,

I recommend you to upgrade your boost unit to max level and choose Lorenzo as agent because he can go deeper easily. Try to improve your shield as max too to increase the chances of survive.

I don't remember the exact distance of the last zone but after the purple zone you should pass another military base and after that you should reach the depths.

I understand it's a hard mission but the reward will worth it.  Good luck!