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Alpha 0.5 Updates!! Sticky

A topic by Space Banana Studio created Apr 23, 2017 Views: 385
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Hello everyone!

It's been over two months since my last update and a lot of things have been going on in the meantime but I'm finally happy to announce a new playable build, that's officially our Alpha 0.5 version of T a k e Y o u r T i m e.

(If you're asking why I've been absent all this time it's because I'm studying and preparing for my driving license exams! It's finally time to drive in real life too for me. I've passed the written test on March and I will do my driving test on 3rd of May, so please share some advice or experience if you want!)

Alright, so, what's up with this new update?

- I finally solved the "car steering to left" problem: I just needed to better align the wheels!

-I've added two new features that I wanted to add since the beginning:

1)You can now switch your camera to third person view, side view, up view and frontal view. This makes the game really a little bit more "the canonical racing game".

2)You can now choose what vehicle you want to use in your ride, using the menu. There currently are two cars: the default one (which is, I don't know, maybe a remake of the italian Panda?) and the Toyota Trueno AE86 from Initial D series (that I started to watch these days). I plan to add the DeLorean from Back To The Future and some other iconic car from movies or series or that kind of stuff.

It's really not a big update but I promise I'll have a new track for you as soon as the Alpha 0.6 is out, after my driving exam. I also plan to add some of my electronic music songs (Yes, I'm a musician too) to the game, so that you can tell me what you think of that stuff too.

I think we're good to go. Let's download and try this new amazing build!