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Early access roadmap Sticky

A topic by Cosmocat created Apr 12, 2020 Views: 41
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Hi folks,

Just getting ready for  early access with a current view of the roadmap. I'll be keep this updated as things evolve, and I welcome your feedback on what you want to see more (or less) of! (This first pass will be a fairly crude brain dump, check back soon for a more refined version!)

High probability

  • Achievements (of course!)
  • More variation in level layouts and environments (including: larger/wide open spaces, more variety in room shapes, etc.)
  • Additional enemy types (in particular: more "creature"-esque enemies, like tentacles, large insects, etc.)
  • More environmental hazards, including more prominent underwater areas
  • More beacon types, and in general, more of a focus on the beacon launcher (less on combat)
  • A boss level of sorts, along with a proper ending (I'm actually contemplating multiple endings)
  • More reasons to explore, backtrack (more distinct secret areas, locked doors, etc.).
  • More significance for luck, and greater use of stats in general (including more stats-affecting items)

Speculative/lower probability

  • Secondary game modes, like dream sequences or mini-games (if I were to include guns, they would be in this mode)

As always, the best place to share feedback is the Discord, but feel free to respond here as well.