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Space Jammers

1-4 Player Cooperative, Rogue-ish, Shmup. Play an alien rock band of kitten pirates lost in space. · By SpreadShot

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A topic by SpreadShot created Apr 17, 2017 Views: 182
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Hi Everyone,

Since launching on Steam last month, I wanted to update everyone here on the progress and what to expect moving forward. I also want to address a few things that seems to have been confusing people.

First off, if you've purchased (NOT a free promo key) the game here on or backed the game on Kickstarter (CHECK YOUR PLEDGE TIER) you are eligible to claim a Steam key. Please refer to the FAQ on how to do this.

Secondly, I am moving certain information on the game (like Change-lists) to the Steam forums:

I will still be available to answer questions specifically about things related to the platform, just know that I am one person on this project trying to stay on top of about 4 separate forums across several storefronts. Please be patient if I do not respond immediately, thanks.

I of course will be making regular updates to the builds here on itch and other storefronts.
Also, I just realized I may have setup privileges incorrectly on certain itch forum threads and have fixed them. They should be loading now for everyone.