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Read. This. First. Sticky

A topic by Unknown Developer created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 736 Replies: 6
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

-UnknownDev here-

About the "thingies" I make:

  • Yep, they're small;
  • No, they're not viruses.

No harm will ever come to your machine.

More than games, interactive paintings.

Basically, food for thoughts.

Sometimes, there are secrets to be revealed.

Feel free to share your discoveries.

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To make it short: anything the real "Unknown Developer" says, writes, codes and/or posts will always only be available under the following domain: https://unknown-developer.itch.io
and from the following profile: https://itch.io/profile/unknown-developer

-UnknownDev out-

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Loving the Nat Cole ;3

You and your games a very interesting. I look forward to finding out the mysteries that lay hidden within.

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Fantastic imagination , love this kinda games cause they make me think and , well , this ones are creepy but manageable

Somethings that i saw :

Lot of green (symbolises balance or rebirth?

Morse code for "unforgettable" photo : theanswerlayshere

Morse code for "Solution.png) : IASIDE and INSIDE

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Wheres the morse in unforgettable? Which pic are you talking about

What I've found is that once you play each of the games, the file name "can't be found", AKA the dev put in a " mark at the start of the .exe's name to appear after the first playthrough. You can technically play each game only once, unless you go into the .exe's files with winzip or winrar and play the .exe directly.

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Type "AOYE"


"Slow the tide good bye"

I used cheat engine speed hack to slow it down


"eye can see you" is in green