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Tested the game!

A topic by Saika Fujuki created 54 days ago Views: 21
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Hi! I tested the game, it was fun, like really fun. But while testing I noticed a lot of things. In the test world, with the rail system, once I hit the rail that goes up to another rail, it's supposed to stop and dismount, right? What happens is I'm stuck between the two rails. Also with the circle, I keep on looping only a quarter of the rail. And when I die, I don't dismount from the rail, but slide on it like a random dead man. I also personally find it a bit hard to hit Ctrl key to crouch, so maybe this control can be moved. And although the closer camera makes it so it the players feel more connected to the character, honestly for me it's kinda hard to see what is happening or where I am going. I'm really not always able to follow my own player. I also wish that the rail's mount and dismount will be a lot smoother and just doesn't snap on it. It should also be necessary for the player to have momentum before they ride a rail so the gameplay would be like riding on an actual rail. That's all I noticed. Thank you and keep doing your wonderful job!