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When Rivers Were Trails

A game about the impact of allotment acts on Indigenous communities in the 1890's. · By indianlandtenure

Fun Game

A topic by nubert created Mar 30, 2020 Views: 1,097 Replies: 1
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I actually quite enjoyed the game. -  I played longer than I was planning to. I really appreciate the history and the teaching of some simple words.The fishing and hunting is not easy at all which made is so satisfying when I finally hit something!

I found it difficult to not do the "right" thing - ie. helping people or giving them food/medicine - it sure made the resources diminish quicker...

Anyways - fun game! Meegwetch!

Like Nubert, I played longer than I had planned to, and one of the major reasons was the music/score, which I really enjoyed.  I like the art style quite a bit as well. 

I was very happy with the introduction/tutorial, I think showing the button/controls, describing what they do and how to interact with them, and then gliding them into their place is a really smart design.