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Quiet as a Stone

Throw Rocks Plant Trees. Ambient slow game for casual creators. Countryside exploration and creation. · By Distant Lantern, Richard Whitelock

The steam key function doesn't appear

A topic by Xlender created Mar 27, 2020 Views: 880 Replies: 3
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I tried going to downloads and it doesn't appear. Yes I have connected with steam and I verified my e-mail.

You don't get one unless you pay for it.

I guess you don't qualify for a Steam key if you buy it as part of the Racial Equality Bundle ?


Correct, there is note on the bundle page.

Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the page.

but you can use the desktop app to manage your games.  though you have to manually ad each one to your library T.T

they are working on that though.