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The Music Puzzle

A topic by Firecat1311 created Mar 23, 2020 Views: 169 Replies: 2
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I've been having major issues with the singing ghost puzzle in Blackberry Lake. First of all, I really don't think that music-reading puzzles are fair; not everyone is a composer, some of us are tone deaf or just straight up actual deaf (and the fact that it's optional doesn't do much for its case, leaving something unfinished leaves a seriously bad taste in my mouth). BUT ANYWAY, setting those thoughts aside for a moment...

I've been stuck on the upper-left ghost for what seems like an hour now. I brought in my brothers, who are musicians, to help me figure it out, but they're exactly as stumped as I am (and not the restful save-point kind of stump). It sounds right, and we've tried it on nearly every height on the scale in case we were getting the pitch wrong—plus dozens of other variations—but still, nothin'.

Anyone have the solution? Are we missing something incredibly obvious? Is this puzzle just bugged? Please save our souls lest we end up in the same eternal torment as this spectral barber shop quartet.


It's probably not bugged. Something that's potentially not obvious for the upper-left ghost is that the phrase only uses 7 notes, not the full 8. The other thing that might not be obvious is that you can place the pebbles on the bars, not just on top of them (or, in other words, you have access to EGBDF in addition to FACEG). 

Timestamped video solution.

Yeah I was aware of those things; thanks a bunch for the solution confirmation, though. Seems we had the arrangement of all the notes correct, but somehow we never tried to put them at that one specific height, out of all the others we did try. Figures, huh? Gauging the exact pitch of the voice sample vs the sound of the note-rocks was hard for all three of us.

Anyway, great game, loved it otherwise! It's little hidden gems like these that make diggin' around through miles of other indie games of variable quality worth the effort.