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Mistakes I picked up - improvements

A topic by bts_exo_batgirl created Apr 08, 2017 Views: 562 Replies: 5
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The demo was great but a thing that bugged me were the men in the hoods. I believe that they should not show there eyes, as the hoodie men all looked the same. Word of suggestion, please cover the eyes to give the men different looks so they are all unique in their own way and also to change Jungkook's hair. As it should be a light brown with no highlights or blue streaks. (I know they are meant to be glares from the light but they look like blue highlights that Suga has in his hair, so the blue glare should rather be on Suga's hair). Another suggestion is that the characters should have a more realistic face shape (Jungkook looks great however, Suga and Rap Monster should have a more realistic face-shapes and RapMons dimples should be shown more clearly).

I hope you can consider the advice that i have given and shouldn't be taken the wrong way.

I just wanted to mention some suggestions that i thought could benefit and improve the game in the future.

Thanks ;)

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The demo was made in 2 weeks so that it could be released around the time of the USA dates for BTS' tour. It is highly likely there would be some alterations so that the bad guys to make it less off putting providing they are able to get consent from Bighit.

However, despite the fact that Yoongi has recently had black hair and blue streaks, they are not necessarily using their looks from their most recent come back. Namjoon's hair while purple isn't exactly the same style. I don't believe they're necessarily trying to recreate their looks from their most recent come back especially since its an AU in a dystopian world. It's based off them and their looks so you know who they are but they're not like duplicates. Because I'm pretty certain Jungkook has black hair with blue highlights on purpose. Still if you want to give feedback there is a form on the front page.

thanks for the reply and will take in the information you have given. And the thing is, i feel so bad after writing this. I love the game and my cousin wanted it to be perfect so she made me write this. Please don't hate on me. I was merely pressured into something i didn't want to do.

It's completely fine ^_^ everyone is allowed their own opinion. Or things that they don't like.

I'm glad you love the game though <3

Y wouldn't love the game. It's about bts. And thanks for being so nice.

Haha very true and you're most welcome