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Windows Download Issue

A topic by btsfangirl created Apr 06, 2017 Views: 1,397 Replies: 5
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My computer won't let me open the file. What do I do?

I have found the solution! :) when you download the file, it should bring you to a folder titled "BTS-all". Open it and then go down to where it says "To the Edge of the Sky" but with the file type listed as 'application'. When you try to open it, it will say to either extract, run, or cancel. You must EXTRACT the files because it's required for the game to work. Once it's done, it should bring you back to the folders where you will then click the "To the Edge of the Sky" APPLICATION. This should open the game :)

still can't ;A;

What seems to be the problem? Have you extracted the .zip file already? Is the .exe file not working?

Omg! I tried it on my laptop and its work but not on pc idk why tbh but its working now :) im sorry :c


Is there any way to customize the "To the Edge of the Sky" application to extract the files immediately? I'm stuck with the file type too. Seems that the chosen files may be opened only when you run the .exe file through the other plugin. I chose Windows Exe Runner Plugin do my project for me ("Manage Jenkins->Configure system").


RJ Dowell