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Mobile app!

A topic by Elle95z created Apr 06, 2017 Views: 1,949 Replies: 7
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Hello Aeon Dream Studios,

I was wondering if you can make a mobile app (both android and IOS) of this game once you get the authorization to release it?

even if It had in-app purchase, I think people would be more than willing to purchase this game and help the developers out!

Best Regards!

I wish they could do it too. I'm underage and I don't have a credit card. If you would make it free for those who don't have credit cards that would be very awesome.

Do your best!.

Aeon Dream Studios

I hope they will do it at iOS too.If not it will be not fair for us.

P.S. please do it for free too.Thanks:)

@Elle95z: It is now already on android app though not apple as it seems that is more complicated. I am sure that if they get permission to do the whole game they will similarly put it on devices as an app as well.

@btsfangirl: The demo is now on android app. As for doing the whole game free i think that is very unlikely. They are a business, and creating a game is not cheap. I doubt it could be free.

@jungkook_97: Again, the demo is free, but the whole game couldn't be free. You are asking a company to make and release a whole game of likely 30-40 hours for free. That is impossible. The sprites, the backgrounds, the game coding all of it costs money. And they have bills like everyone in order to survive and live. No doubt they will do their best to get it both on apple and android.

Kimmi, can you share me the link to the android app

And by any chance do you know if there is any plan of Aeon Dream Studios to release an iOS app for it as well?


All links are already listed on the download page.

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Aeon Dream Studios

I guess it will be for both android and iphone users. By the you should allow a free demo of the game. that would result in interest development and more addicted players. 

Yep, mobile app for android and ios will work great. I guess it will be for both android and iphone users. By the you should allow a free demo of the game.