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.Exe file not working.. Not safe for computer?

A topic by ShelaLeePhoenix created 133 days ago Views: 498 Replies: 6
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I download it and it wont let me open it. I keep getting something along the lines of "You are missing something to open this." And then my computer tells me the File isn't safe?

Well I didn't get any warning like that, however there are three files; if the .exe doesn't work, then you might want to try the .dmg or .sh

Also, are you sure you dowloaded the right version? If you have a Mac, make sure to download the .dmg file, otherwise download the .zip file.

Yes, I made sure i downloaded the one for Windows. I tried the .sh and the .py But neither work. My computer said it was a Risky file and removed it from my computer.

I'm not sure what else to do?


This is what i keep getting..

good thing is that we do have the same computer. but I'm not a specialist so I haven't figured out how to remedy to the problem......

have you tried deleting all the files (including the .zip) (by deleting, I mean deleting, not just trashing), then redownload the game, then extract the zip files, then reclick the .exe?

No i havent but i will give that a try!

I will update you on what happens. ^^

I got it to work! Thank you for that suggestion! I removed it then Restarted my computer then redownloaded it and now it works. :)