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Improvements / Bugs / Misfits

A topic by asynchr0n created Mar 31, 2017 Views: 212 Replies: 1
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I love this game, but there are still many annoying things in the game. So I made a list of some improvements.

1. Having your right arm removed would put you in the "unarmed state" instead of death.

2. There are shadows with weird lines near the elevator.

3. It's really hard to differentiate dialogue between Commentatron and Emperor.

4. Some dialogue typos/grammar mistakes.

5. Some levels in endless have repeated dialogue.

6. When a robot blocks your sword hit, it should be stunned when it has been hit an amount of time. (Mk1 = 1 times, Mk2 = 2 times etc.)

7. Having 1 voxel removed from will result in death for some reason.

8. Getting hit by Spidertron bombs will instakill you at certain times.

9. Last enemies should have markers on their head since sometimes it's really hard to find them, especially on the spidertron 6000 and moving saws level.

10. It's really hard to kick an enemy at point blank range.

That's all that I found so far, I'll eventually add more.

You get instakilled because of the shrapnel from spider bombs