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It's Halloween. Play as a ghost and scare the grandpa! · By visionfall

5 stars for a great game

A topic by Rostiger Rentner created Mar 26, 2017 Views: 145 Replies: 3
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hi, big thx for this funny creepy game. i love it so much. i played it blind and i had so much fun. great artwork and comic style. it's amazing. i hope to see more games from you in next time :) greetings from germany



Thank you for your post and the walk-through video. I am really happy you liked my game.

I am planning to release more games in the next weeks and months. Please stay tuned. :)


Man you found a bug in my game at 07:20. You're the best. Thank you :))

hi, big thx :) you make me really happy and the game is so wonderfull. i follow you to see more of great games from you

greetings :)