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Squareball (a.k.a. "3x0ng")

a 2-player versus mashup of 8-bit soccer/pong games · By dto

Welcome to 3x0ng! Sticky

A topic by dto created Mar 26, 2017 Views: 165
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Hello to the community! I have opened a community message board here for 3x0ng, my retro versus soccer-breakout-pong game. You can see a recent vid here of my friend and I playing a local versus match with gamepads: 3x0ng Smack Talk on YouTube

I would love to hear your comments and will be happy to answer any questions, accept bug reports, and receive feedback. I can also consider and possibly implement your feature/fix ideas!

I am also looking for people to test the network gameplay! It works but hasn't been extensively tested. I would love it if some people tried to play with each other, or even with me! It'll help if you can forward one port to your machine... a basic UPnP client is included, but it doesn't work with some routers at the moment---so the player running the Server instance will need a port open.

So that's my pitch----join the 3x0ng forums, download the game and try it for yourself! I really like the direction development is going in---it's become one of my personal favorite projects. Accordingly I'd like to implement more gameplay modes and options, further improve the AI for single-player mode, implement player suggestions, and refine the netplay experience.

You can participate! 3x0ng is available FREE for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux and is Free Software under LGPL. Grab your gamepad (or the arrow keys!) and have fun! And please enjoy the forum---I want to hear your comments and suggestions.

Thanks! ----David O'Toole