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Fly a small paper plane! Air is a game made to transport you to an enchanting world. · By Sylvain Abrial

Reverse Vertical

A topic by Jamesac68 created Feb 24, 2020 Views: 58 Replies: 3
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It's lovely, but years of plane games where up and down are reversed make this almost impossible to control for me.  Even manually changing the settings doesn't work, with the game ignoring my changes.  Any chance of getting this fixed?


Hello Jamesac68,

Sorry for the delay.

If you use your keyboard or the cross of the gamepad, you have the possibility to reverse your control.
But if you use the joystick of the gamepad it's not possible to reverse.

I can add two new options in the control menu to inverse the Up with Down and the left with right with the joystick.


Hello Jamesac68 !

The new update is available now, the update 1.03.09032020.
The inverse control for the joysticks is available!

Ooh, thank you! Checking it out shortly. :)