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Idea's for Raft!

A topic by Sekki created Mar 22, 2017 Views: 172
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I really enjoy this game, and I'd like to make some suggestions.

- Being able to sit in chairs, I think this small detail will make the players love this game a lot more

- Metal foundation, it takes a lot longer for the shark to break, but it takes a lot of scrap metal to make it

- Copper foundation, stronger than a metal foundation

-Iron foundation, the best foundation and can only be destroyed by the player

-Gold foundation, as gold is a bendy material, it would be easy for the shark to break, but it would add beauty to the raft

-Islands that the player can swim or use a boat to go there, but they should be really, really small and the only use it would hold is to get resources like gold, iron, copper as you wouldn't be able to get them floating on top of the water as if they were a on the bigger side it would destroy the game title

-Tiny boats that can only reach so far without breaking, and can reach the small islands I mentioned

- Gold, to make higher quality tools and foundations

- Iron, to make higher quality tools and foundations

- Copper, to make higher quality tools and foundations

-More fruits that function like coconuts

-More vegetables that function like potatoes

-Add a 'Stamina' bar, this can add challenge to the game, that can be recovered by eating or drinking, and can also be recovered by the suggestion below

-Add beds that the player can sleep in at night, but there is a small chance that the shark will bite off part of your raft during sleep

-Add a very small chance to find a wild cat or dog on a small island that you could take to the raft, the dog would fight off the shark so you don't have to worry about it, and the cat would find fish out of the ocean so that food supply shouldn't be a big problem. But you'd have to feed the cat fish, cooked or raw, and the dog cooked meat, and would require a food and water bowl as well as an animal bed.

-Ability to destroy the cooking station and the water supplier

-Add a difficulty select, with easy, medium, and hard. Easy, for example, wouldn't have a stamina bar and the shark wouldn't be able to tear off bits of your raft during sleep, and the shark would be easier to kill, you could live longer, and the chance to find a dog or cat would be higher.

-I do not think that there should be the ability to go underwater and find materials like in Subnautica, I think that would destroy the title.

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area, and if something like this already exists and I did not know!
What do you think of this list? Do you have any ideas about what could improve Raft?