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Project Borealis Performance Test

Benchmark your performance and help optimize Project Borealis! · By Project Borealis

it Just Doesnt Run

A topic by Neonflame created 45 days ago Views: 48 Replies: 1
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I have a little problem, the test just wont start at all.
I dont have it in the zip folder, but extracted it to the desktop, i tried all the executables, but it just wont start.
I tried looking at the program manager, and it looks like it starts, but then it just shuts down. Any help?

Windows 10 Pro, Intel Core i7 920, 8gb of RAM, AMD Radeon 6850

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"On Windows, the performance test also currently requires AVX support on your CPU. We are investigating adding an optional downgrade in the future to use non-AVX optimized vector functions on older/lower end hardware that does not support it."
Your CPU doesnt have AVX intructions. My CPU doesnt run this test (Xeon X3440), because there are no AVX instructions.