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GameGO Editor - Setup your perfect game library

A topic by HPOPS created Mar 09, 2017 Views: 3,615 Replies: 6
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GameGO Editor

GameGO Editor is a tool aimed at making it a bit easier to manage the games.xml file for GameGO.

In addition to providing a way to quickly and easily modify games & categories, it also lets you search for custom banners. The GameGO Editor is able to import your steam libary & will try to download the corresponding banners for you.


  • Edit, add & remove games
  • Move & copy games
  • Edit, add & remove categories
  • Import steam games + banners
  • Integrated banner search
  • Paste banner url to download + use
  • No installation, portable application

Planned Features

  • Easy way to order games
  • Edit GameGO settings (config.ini)
  • Drag in executable + banner

Known Issues

  • Saving game without title will break the view
  • exported games.xml is not easy to read
  • .SWF files will not preview
  • Unused banners will keep existing


Extract the downloaded .zip into the folder where GameGO.exe is located.


GameGO Editor GameGO Editor - Search banner

Here you will be able request features or report bugs!

Hi, Thank you for the software. Its much easier now to edit the items. Its really great and easy to use. I hope the feature drag in exe will come soon!! Great!

Can someone confirm that this is not a virus? I may be overly cautious but I really don't want a virus.

Now why would you think someone would post a virus on

I'll confirm, it's NOT a virus.

Wow, this is PERFECT! 

I know I am late to the party, but I can't thank you enough. I'm working on a tutorial on how to set up a game to not only be launch within GameGo, but also able to return back to GameGo when you exit the game. 

What exactly is the "Steam" folder?