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Project Survive

A gun Crazy shooter with 16 Weapons to buy and gain with Blood thirsty enemies · By Ddewy


A topic by werver created Mar 07, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 3
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Hey, this game is amazing. I have played so much of it, but my one problem is that buying weapons seems to be a little glitchy, and I often spend 30sec trying to buy a mag. Maybe increase tyhe store hitbox or something.


Yeah, I saw this as a problem frequently and was bad on my part with bad design.
I have changed the way that items are bought as they are bought with pulling lever which is more reactive and will give some user feedback telling you if you have enough money or if the item was bought.


It doesn't seem like I'm able to back up in the game and the inability makes things a little uncomfortable. Maybe you could do it where if the controller is behind you when you press the grips swinging makes you go backwards but its half speed?