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Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra

Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra is meant to cover all of your procrastination demands! · By Impressive Entertainment

Bug fixes and updates

A topic by Impressive Entertainment created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 108
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As promised, we have ready this new update to the release with many bug fixes and some game improvements. See our changelog:


  • Fixed a game crash that happened sometimes when player unlocked BEACH scene
  • Fixed various game crashes with the Maps Menu
  • Fixed a bug that unlocked new acrobatics when Player had not level enough to perform them
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Fixed some minor bugs into the Credits screen


  • Unified all game fonts into the same font style
  • Changed some tutorial messages to improve the learning curve
  • Game can be played now in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Catalan detecting automatically the OS language of the mobile device


  • We pretend to disable the auto start screen and add two buttons: "NEW GAME" and "CONTINUE"
  • Some sound will be revisited to mix them better and give a better feedback
  • And more improvements that we can't discover at this moment!