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A topic by Ptasker15 created Mar 05, 2017 Views: 5,426 Replies: 6
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The last Update Was THE[Around 1/20/17-1/28/17]LAST WAS 2 MONTHS AGOaaa

The Raft creators are a students, they don't have that much time to make a new updates.

Oh,Thx For The Information...


we could use the capability to build small boat to sail to small island using a compass and find exotic fruits. pineapples, mangos, papayas, etc.

alson farther from the raft would prpduce larger fish  with more meat than shark.  some disasters like large waves  or way to utilize the current to

travel from location to location. just a thought.



hi all, you haven't see the description : 

"Raft will release on Steam Early Access in 2018 with multiplayer, reefs and much more new content and features! To be notified when it launches, please visit our Steam page and press 'Add to your wishlist'! We are not releasing any new updates on as we are working towards a Steam Early Access release. "

all is here ^^


sooo... HEY STEAM, PLEASE!!!!!!!