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Outpost: Glacier

If the world became a cold arid place would you still be able to survive? Outpost is a game all about surviving the cold · By Alfred Ruckle, Vilhelm Lindroos, mikael.karlsson, AndreasBT, Nemonkey, Fleijdar, Hampus Vretinger, Vincent Brandt, dannedillchips, Lovisa Pärli, Sabina Byström, Olsson

Please add a graphics lowering setting [Developer response inside]

A topic by Lukas Kautonen created 38 days ago Views: 106 Replies: 2
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hi i LOVE this game but my computer is pretty bad so it lags a lot to fix it can you add a graphics lowering setting.

Thank you


We are trying to make the game run as good as possible while still looking good, Well do it as soon as possible! :)

thank you