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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Too damn hard

A topic by nibbamama created 68 days ago Views: 305 Replies: 9
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I thought this looked like a fun little game to play when ur bored but as it turns out its a fkn super hard game, i mean even the tutorial took me like 10 tries. You may call me bad but i think its way too hard like the fysics isnt even close to reality. The worst part in my opinion is the wallrunning on the third map and wallrunning overall... IT IS F:ing IMPOSSIBLE, you can not glide that long before ur off the wall falling to ur death and smash ur screen. Fuck this game or atleased make it playable wtf

i thought i was terrible

on the 2nd row i beat u on every one except escape 2 i suck at that one

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ok improved  my scores.

edit: got better

edit: another one

For sky 0, jump up with shotgun then hit the explosive barrel in a way to launch you. It cuts you time in half.

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thank imma try now

edit: here go my score

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@TMilkDud can you give me your scores?

can't sryz maybe later I'll see what I can do but for now no

Best tip i can give is to ignore all of the bots and use the walls that encamps the level to your advantage. Also learning what the guns do and how to use them in your environment is key. Another factor is map elements such as barrels and the jump pads. Finally learning and understanding air strafes is a big benefactor. 

You just aren't an epic gamer, you're probally not even as good as a casual gamer, I play with TOUCHPAD, ok?