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Outpost: Glacier

If the world became a cold arid place would you still be able to survive? Outpost is a game all about surviving the cold · By Alfred Ruckle, Vilhelm Lindroos, mikael.karlsson, AndreasBT, Nemonkey, Fleijdar, Hampus Vretinger, Vincent Brandt, dannedillchips, Lovisa Pärli, Sabina Byström, Olsson

Make multiplayer please [Developer response inside]

A topic by Lukas Kautonen created 35 days ago Views: 130 Replies: 10
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i think the game is good but can you please add multiplayer i want to play it with my brother


Thank you so much! :)

We're actually working on getting multiplayer into Outpost: Glacier!


Thank you btw do you need WinRAR or another RAR thing to play this asking for a friend


Yes, you need to have something like WinRAR or 7zip to extract the files!

Have a good day!

Thank you.

This is an awsome game and i hope to see it be something big in the future and it is so detailed and good my laptop cant handle it that good

and becose of that i cant scroll down the quests so where do you have to send the screenshots of the statsues and what  do they do 


I’m sorry that you can’t play Outpost: Glacier. We always work towards optimizations in the game and we hope to bring you a enjoyable experience very soon, so you can find some statues ☃️🌨

i found a statue!!!

do you need to find many or is one good 



One is enough! :D

i found all 3 statues and sent them!

no problem but where do you have to send the screenshots of the statsues