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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

make the game easier

A topic by cas the kid created Jan 18, 2020 Views: 446 Replies: 17
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the game is too difficult for beginners and if you want people to have a good time or have a difficult time with these hard controls and precise jumps then let me know this is a rage game next time >:(


This game is still in development, bear in mind Dani said that there are many bugs in place and that he plans to fix up the feel of the movement.


tbh it would be better if he released it on a Monday of the following week and gave himself time to make a functional game that anybody can play . If he had done that the game whould look and be better , not this shitty ass controls 


lol Do you Always Play in Easy mode in Games XD too bad This Game is Medium Mode. Just Practice And Stop Complaining To Game developers to Make the Game Super Easy Thats What People Who are Terrible at Pc Games Say. Stop Rage Quitting Practice your Skills.


this is invalid if that were to be the case then most  games like call of duty or overwatch would have small communities do to the fact that "it to difficult" and if a new player joined he or she would get obliterated thats why your answer is wrong (in my opinion ) she is right to ask for more beginner friendly controls . if dani want to make a game for everyone then he should make easier controllers but implement challenge in the stages. i would suggest dani watch extra credits


Look bud, I made an account just to tell you that you might be brain dead. You can change the controls in the configuration of the game. Your example of most games having small communities is wrong. That's like saying "Oh I'm new to Dark Souls I'm gonna go play *SMASH YOU'RE DEAD*" being repeated over 50 times, but you're still gonna play it because it's fun right? Now I am gonna agree with you that maybe an easier game mode might be nice for big newbies to parkour FPS's, parkour etc but what you're saying doesn't sound like feed back it sounds like you're complaining. This game is new and is obviously pretty bug fested. Like come on, that's like saying you're gonna polish a shoe that goes through a whole galaxy. It's impossible right? You polish the top but there's still gonna be bugs, you're not sending feedback instead you're turning information which can be used to give rightful opinions, suggestions and idea's and turning them into rude comments, complaining and total whining making your self look like a baby. Calm down and deal with peoples opinions and idea's because not everything needs to be turned into thou slammin oue head on self' keyboarde. That's your grammar by the way.

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P.S im saying that games need some kind of mechanic or a weapon that let new players still play the game 

like for example a game can have controls that feel good but have the challenge in the stages  

another good example is in street fighter u the hundred slap or lees kick are there for new players so they dont get obliterated

and no if i were to play dark souls and i got killed fifty times then i would stop playing the game and return it. i whouldnt consider it fun bc i never got to see were the fun part was 

and if the game is still riddled with bugs and has ass controls then guess what THE GAME IS NOT FINISHED . and if the game is not finished then dont release it until its finished  

and btw updates to the game whould be like the map maker but fixing the controls? or the enemy Should have been fixed from the start

and the control configuration has nothing to do with it ! i can configure the keys as much as i want but the game is still gonna control as if Mario was on ice with ultimate sonic speed


But isn't that the point if the game? fast paced (notice how i said fast). Also he did make a tutorial in game to show you how to play the game. don't expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter.  And how does the game have ass controls? I have played it for a relatively little time and it has had great handling.

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yes ok good point but your right for all of the wrong reasons 

let you get momentum maybe like 15 sec in motion . that whould make the game still difficult but fun . and then add more friction to the movements and boom problem solved (and actually make the jump button do u know.... jump) not a little ass hop  


1. all the acceleration of that 15 sec running happen end right at the start for me so you are delusional on that front

2. the game was made for speed running it is not meant to be some slow ass game for beginners that know nothing and the game was meant to be "icy" as a way to get quicker times on the levels

3. I cannot think of a single game that is fully complete rn (besides old arcade games) so can you tell me of a single game that is complete and will never get any new content of anything like that ever? and it just came out yesterday so just chill.

4. my 7 y/o cousin loves the games and has no complaints whatsoever so stop crying you little baby


They where dead hours ago, I think your just beating a corpse. I have to admit though that you are good at annihilating the corpse


Doing god's work


Thank you soldiers

The aim of the enemys needs to be a little bit worse, because they can automatically shoot you when you enter a room making them a bit op.


the aim needs to be perfect because the bullet speed is insanely slow


Just as simple as creating a new setting called 'difficulty'.

anyone know how to do that with the source code

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just a slider that does nothing? I am in

no i just downloaded and its actually medium difficulty i did the tutorial and after that i just played sometime and it was actuallu pretty easy