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Outpost: Glacier

If the world became a cold arid place would you still be able to survive? Outpost is a game all about surviving the cold · By Alfred Ruckle, Vilhelm Lindroos, mikael.karlsson, AndreasBT, Nemonkey, Fleijdar, Hampus Vretinger, Vincent Brandt, dannedillchips, Lovisa Pärli, Sabina Byström, Olsson

File corrupt [Developer response inside]

A topic by StormCottage created 42 days ago Views: 135 Replies: 1
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The Windows file keeps downloading as corrupted


Hello Storm Cottage,

Sad to hear the game is not working for you :(

We have tried to download the file on multiple PCs since reading about your issue but have not experienced any corrupt files making us believe the error might be something unrelated to the download file.

Common causes for file corruption are: 

  • Faulty or damaged harddrive.
  • Faulty RAM unable to load the file into the primary memory.
  • Poor internet connection causing package loss.(very uncommon when downloading from a file host)
  • Temporary issues with the file hosting service - If this is the case all that can be done is to wait for a couple of hours and re-download the game at a later time.

Are you experiencing any errors downloading other files of similar size?

We would recommend you try to download the game again. If the same issue keeps popping up please contact us on and we will try to get to the bottom of what causes the issue.

We are currently working on bug fixes and are planning to release an update later today which could possibly fix your issues.

Best Regards.