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Squirt Animated GIFs straight from After Effects! · By GunSquid

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A topic by GunSquid created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 1,402 Replies: 19
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We'd love to hear any feedback you have, please post it here!

Option to auto-set gif frame rate to comp frame rate


This one is on the list! Thanks for the suggestion.


This is implemented in the latest version!

I suggest you are awesome for making my life easier.


Progess bar or % while processing, so I worry less when exporting a particularly heavy gif a few hours before the due date of a tournament round :)

Seconding the progress bar suggestion!


Is a 'save as' option possible?  Just so you can choose the name and location of the output.


It is definitely on the to-do list!


One more vote here for a Mac version. I have no idea what goes into making something like this happen but I really hope it's possible.


All I need to do is buy a Mac. At this point, it would take 200% of what I've earned from GIFsquid to get the cheapest mac that could run After Effects. I am always keeping my eyes peeled for used hardware.

Well I will keep my fingers crossed that you find something. If I win the lottery I'll donate the cost of a Mac to you.


tutorial on how to install Mac or PC and what to do if run into any problems. GifSquid is not working for me, even after going to Edit-Templates-load, etc. I  get a warning sign saying 20 items won't load because each had the same name as one already loaded. I can't find anything else online that shows/talks about installing.


Hi Skorman, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues. First things first, GIFsquid is for Windows only.  It sounds like you got a warning after installing the output module templates, which is normal. Additionally, that is only needed for GIFsquid 0.6, new versions don't render to PNG anymore.

I came across this today and wanted to suggest a feature if it wasn't already.

It would be nice to have a feature to export multiple versions at different quality settings at once. I've used the technique explained in this video [Time code 11:12] in the past making a script with different export settings and running them all.


I love it! This was actually one of the first "potential features" I wrote down during early development. I'll probably revisit that list sometime soon!


I would love an option to create transparent gifs. (AVI is being rendered w/o alpha channel so transperent BG is just black)


Transparent GIF support - I just purchased and love everything so far. Thats the only thing I can think of - I just saw you say that the legacy version does support this so I'm downloading it now. Thanks again!

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Forgive me if this sounds dumb but I found your tool via highqualitygifs on reddit, and being pretty naive regarding after effects I could not for the life of me figure out to make it work with either AF CS6 or 2019. 

My base assumption was that (after adding it successfully to my plugins) it was preset for a default optimization without changing any of the options, which causes nothing to happen. That caused me to waste several hours of fruitless sleuthing to figure out what step I'd done wrong only to find out by accident that I have to mess with the options to actually get it to work.

Please clarify this in the read-me and the web page for idiots like myself!! haha

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Description for dither modes would be helpful or even better link to the source with all modes listed and example gif next to them.
Here's what I found after testing all of them (ffmpeg 4.3.1):
The best quality overall will give you TURBO mode but the file size is significantly larger. You will preserve the most information and it resembles your composition the most.
If you're looking for small size:
Dither set to none is the best but still not as good as TURBO mode
When it comes to details preservation o4x4 wins over h4x4a in my case
o8x8 more artifacts (every surface will get some gradient)
hbx6a, h8x8a - blocky effect
c5x5b, c5x5w - grid effect
c6x6b, c6x6w - combination of blocky and grid effect