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Suggestions Sticky

A topic by GunSquid created 230 days ago Views: 221 Replies: 11
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We'd love to hear any feedback you have, please post it here!

Option to auto-set gif frame rate to comp frame rate


This one is on the list! Thanks for the suggestion.


This is implemented in the latest version!

I suggest you are awesome for making my life easier.


Progess bar or % while processing, so I worry less when exporting a particularly heavy gif a few hours before the due date of a tournament round :)

Seconding the progress bar suggestion!

Is a 'save as' option possible?  Just so you can choose the name and location of the output.


It is definitely on the to-do list!

One more vote here for a Mac version. I have no idea what goes into making something like this happen but I really hope it's possible.


All I need to do is buy a Mac. At this point, it would take 200% of what I've earned from GIFsquid to get the cheapest mac that could run After Effects. I am always keeping my eyes peeled for used hardware.

Well I will keep my fingers crossed that you find something. If I win the lottery I'll donate the cost of a Mac to you.