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Leaving Lyndow

Its Clara's last day on the island where she grew up. · By Eastshade Studios

Full Gameplay Playthrough + Review

A topic by LCG created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 324
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Hey everybody! LCG here, and i'm new to so if this is in poor form, please let me know!

I have already posted my review of this game over on Steam, but figured i'd cross post it to itch since this is where I originally found the game. Let me know what you think!

Leaving Lyndow is apparently the prologue to a much larger, more expansive game by Eastshade Studios. It tells the story of Clara, our protagonist, before she steps off on a journey with a Maritime Research Guild.

Before going much further, I have done a Leaving Lyndow: Let's Play, Full Playthrough for this game, and it is available on YouTube.

In this game, you essentially have 4 settings that you can explore - a small forested area behind Clara's home, her Uncle's farm, a Teahouse, and the dock/port area of Lyndow. Each area has people and items that you can interact with, a small mini-game of sorts, and criteria you must meet before proceeding to the next. Ultimately, it feels like a paid demo in order to help fund further development - which is fine! The developers are very up front about what you're getting when you pay for the game, so don't expect a massive, expansive project with thousands of quests available.

The graphics are pretty phenominal, and the attention to detail is absolutely on point. The dots are all connected in the storyline, you meet the characters who have influenced Clara in her life, and you have a good grasp for how everyone in the town feels about her stepping off on her voyage by the end. I hope that this persists through the completion of the final Eastshade game.

With all of that being said,

► This game IS a walking simulator.
► It IS a virtual world book.
► It IS an introduction to the lore of Eastshade!

► This game is NOT a massive RPG.
► It does NOT include combat.
► It does NOT feature hunger or any other major game mechanics!

I'm happy with the purchase, and am happy to be exposed to this game. If you'd like a paid teaser of what to expect from Eastshade Studios in the future, this is a step in the right direction!