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Anyone looking for a 3d Artist + Blueprints (Unreal Engine)

A topic by Jay created Feb 19, 2017 Views: 330 Replies: 3
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Hey, I've got a bit of experience jamming in UE, this jam sounds right up my alley.

Check out my page on here to see my previous jams, also

I prefer to work in UE as I can happily do a bit of programming in blueprints when it's required, generally work alone but would like a team up if anyone's interested.



Hey Jay whats up. I like your page, Scoot Scoot looks sick.

I'm a sound designer. Hit me up if you want any weird sounds.

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Hey Jay I am working on a game in Unreal Engine. I have a few ideas for games but right now I am starting on something simple, a tug of war/Strategy game. I am looking for a partner with experience on the art side of UE4. I have made a few basic games in the past with Unreal Engine and I started on this project a few weeks ago and have a descent amount of programming into it but all placeholder art. If i had a partner I would be able to focus all my time into programming and you could work on the Art side! email me at

BTW it is going to be a top down type game so it doesn't need to be insane graphics