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The Last Light

Last Light is a first-person horror game for the PC · By kpwashere, zylozs

Why is there a Yee meme?

A topic by Ananas Adam created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 239
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So I downloaded the game, opened it up. then realized that my gpu is so weak that it can't run this. So I decided to change the resolution, but there wasn't a resolution optin in the game. So I wanted to change it from game's files instead. I couldn't find an option there too, instead, I got this: "Ba ba ba baaa ba babaa baaa ba ba baba ba baba baba yeeeeee"

It's in this location:

The file that the game is in/thelastlight_final_final/WindowsNoEditor/MindTreeGames/Content/Movies/Yee_video.wmv