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Exit 19

Night approaches. Take a walk down Exit 19. · By Jack Squires

Navigation nearly impossible.

A topic by Lumps Plays - Visual Let's Plays created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 513 Replies: 4
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I play a lot of walking simulators, I dig 'em. This one is a bit sketchy, though. The colors/sky/setting/etc all change whenever you 'find' something. Since the entire landscape looks the same and the draw distance doesn't go far enough to draw most landmarks you run across once you walk away, I found it way too easy to get turned around and lost. The game *tries* to help you out a little bit by teleporting you closer to the middle of the map if you walk too close to its boundaries, but in practice this only caused me to get more turned around! BAM all of a sudden I'm teleported to a new location, and what little bearings I had are just completely gone. Sure you can use the moon as a waypoint, but there are only so many ways you can face so you can see the moon (one!) so you're still having to wip around constantly looking at all the sand trying to figure out where you are.

I got as far as the ruins at night time, with the broken down columns and things. I walked around the entire map including hugging the road and I couldn't find anything else to do, so I just quit...I hate not finishing games.

The environment LOOKED great, I gotta say! Definitely a secluded old highway for sure. I didn't quite understand the story from what I saw of it, but it seemed like one of those "this game is deep, right?!?!" stories, which I'm sort of tired of personally.


Thank you for the feedback! If you'd like to try finishing the game, pay close attention to the pathways and new sources of light which appear. After the ruins is a distinct road which will lead you to the next landmark.

I'll give it another try and look closer around that area, if I figure out the end I'll make a Lumps Play if ya don't mind!


sounds good, thanks for playing.

I was able to beat it, but I wasn't too fond of it in the end. I appreciated that it was stable and had no bugs/etc., but when I finished all it really left me with was being 40+ minutes older than I was before I started. I didn't know why anything happened, what the point of anything was, and it felt like a museum of everyday artifacts with unrelated fortune cookie wisdome dispersed in between. That's just my two cents, though, I'm not trying to be mean, but constructive. I realize these game jam games can be hard considering the time restraints, so good work and I hope you keep making games :D