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​Here are some FAQs:

A topic by INDIECN created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 487 Replies: 3
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This game supports English,traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese(Janpanese are not available yet).

This is a RPG+Shop game,the skill system is a little bit like <Final Fantasy Tactics>,both develop system and skill system are time consuming and requires lots of thinking.

It will take at least 10 hours to go through main story line,take 20 hours to unlock all levels and defeat final hidden Boss Monsters,for those perfectionists and obsessive compulsive players,time the game time by 10.

There are alternative routes of the plot mode, (between the countries of the war), as well as thoughts of life and wealth(the developer thinks like a nerd)

There is no ads inside,no more purchase in the game.Besides,this game has an achievement system.

There is alot of typos in the english verson FYI. Should really go over that again.

I agree with the above comment :) Though it did add to the humor of the game a bit more...


Thanks, I'll go over it!